How to Survive Cancer for Decades: A Survivor’s Mindset

Destry Ramey is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, author, and decades long cancer survivor currently charging forward through her 7th battle with cancer. She has authored 4 children’s books ( that I read to my own daughters. Our discussion includes:
  • What she learned from her career in healthcare that every patient or caregiver should know and apply
  • What her dad passed on to her that she has used to battle cancer for decades
  • Her motivations and key tools in surviving breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer
  • The role dogs continue to play in her journey

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Show Notes:
Doing something until something new comes out [5:00]
How long Destry plans to live [6:40]
Incentives to live [7:20]
Traveling [16:20]
Breast, cervical, ovarian, and fallopian tube cancer [18:10]
Low point [20:20]
Healthcare professional experience and importance of assertiveness for patients [23:00]
Attitude, spirituality & assertiveness [30:00]
Medical opinions & research [33:20]
Origins of Destry’s positive attitude [39:15]
Taking care of kids with health issues [43:30]
Writing career & books [48:30]
Dogs, cancer, & comfort [55:30]
Medical medium [58:50]
Prayer, spirituality, intention, visualization, & nature [1:01:00]
Traveling [1:07:15]
Proactive & assertive [1:17:05]
Airline industry & medical industry similarities [1:19:30]
How to choose a doctor. Key question to ask doctors [1:23:00]
Priority at diagnosis [1:26:40]
Regrets [1:28:00]
Perspective shifting [1:29:40]
Mistakes [1:31:20]
Contributors to survival [1:32:45]
Positive & negative effects of cancer on life [1:34:00]
Daily habits & nutrition [1:36:15]
Resources, activeness & social life [1:41:40]
Chemo brain & cancer-induced stress [1:43:45]
Feather & The Brown Paper Bag [1:50:00]
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  1. Chris, Sorry, that I have not gotten back to you sooner with regards to your wonderful & amazing podcast. Thank you for your time & most appropriate questions, support & time. So look forward to the time when you & your family can come visit. Love & Huge Hugs from Feather & I.

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